Can some one help me understand how duration is working and why last two request aren't executed.


I have scenario like this

val scn =
http(“CalculatePriceFromDefaultModel”) )
.pause(2 seconds)
(s: Session) => {
val config = parse((s(“result”).as[String])) = Utils.getNewUuid
s.set(“calculationResult”, render(config))
.exec( http(“SaveConfiguration”))
.pause(1 seconds)
.exec( http(“Add Group”))
.exec(http(“Add config to group”))
.exec(http(“Delete Group”))

val sr=scenario(“ppp”).during(60 seconds) {
//setUp(sr.inject(rampUsers(3) over (3 seconds)).protocols(Common.decTreeConf))

setUp(sr.inject( atOnceUsers(3)).protocols(Common.decTreeConf))

What I want to do is run scenario for some period of time e.g 5, 15 minutes but event for simple case like this that I’mt running it for 60 seconds and 3 users.
I can’t figure out why number of requests is decreasing.

Maybe someone can give me some hint ?

Problems is that if last two request doesn’t finish after every execution I will have some trash on db and the load isn’t accurate for this request.