Can someone provide a simple example of extracting the request body using getExtraInfo() ?

Note: I have tried ALL the methods under extraInfo.request and they all return null or show no body. The request is valid, succeeds etc, but I can’t print out the body.

Here is some basic code that generates the request

def addComment(comment : String) = group(“Streams.addComment”) {





.body(StringBody(comment + " - " + new Date().toString))




here is the extrainfo code

private def getExtraInfo(extraInfo: ExtraInfo): String = {
  '\t' + extraInfo.session("currentUserName").as[String] +
    '\t' + extraInfo.session("projectName").as[String] +
    '\t' + extraInfo.request.getUri +
    '\t' + extraInfo.request.getStringData()

I have printed out the entire request extraInfo.request.toString() and it does not contain the body. In the addComment method above I am clearly adding the comment text into the body, I see it in the website so I know its working, but the log never shows it.