Capture optional element with css and post later if present


I have an html response that may or may not contain a particular element. When it’s there I capture it by css selector and save it to session. Subsequently I can retrieve it from session and post it with .formParam using EL.

How can I deal with the situation when the element is legitimately not there? I’ve been looking at checkIf, formParam’s overloads, doIf (which is not what I want - I would like to keep things just to http scope).

I’ve looked at examples and documentation but can’t see how to do it.


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There are many ways to deal with this:

It really depends on what you want to do when value is missing.

Hi Stéphane,

Thanks for your quick response, as ever.

And thank you for the first tip - I’ve changed to using .check(css(…).optional.saveAs(…)) which is writing into session when present and not when missing, which is perfect.

But then when I’m building up a post back I want to submit an optional formParam only if it’s there in session. This is from a helper method where I create the http action but don’t have session available.

Am I right that doIf operates within an exec ‘chain’, rather than within an http ‘chain’ - i.e. doIf is operating at a level above?

I’m looking for something like
rq = rq
.formParam(“MandParam1”, “${MandValue1}”)
.formParam(“MandParam2”, “${MandParam2}”)
.formParamIf("${OptParam.exists()}", “OptParamKey”, “${OptParamValue}”)

(so that I don’t get “No attribute named ‘…’ is defined”), or any way I can achive this by chaining onto an http(…) action.


No, that’s not possible.
Then, are you sure you shouldn’t be using the form check to capture the whole form, including fields that might or might not be here?

I’ve not actually looked at using form to capture the whole lot. I’ll take a look.