Capture Value from response and pass it to a feeder for processing

Can anyone advise how this can be achieved?

1. Capture value (refId) from response of request1
2. Pass it to feeder2 of request2. This feeder2 does some operations (encryption using custom utility) on the refId before feeding it to request2.

I am just clueless on how to pass it to the feeder2.

I have figured it out. Here it is just in case someone needs it.


.group(“request1”) {exec(request1)}
.exec(session => {
val refId = session.get(“refId”).as[String]
val encryptedRefId = com.custom.encryptionUtils(refId)
println("\n### encryptedRefId: " + encryptedRefId)

//and then use that in next request
.exec(session => session.set(“encryptedRefId”, “${encryptedRefId}”))