Changing simulation.log output format

I’ve done all the Googling you’d expect, and I think the answer to this would be “no,” but I have to ask: is there some way to tailor the simulation.log output format? For our purposes, it would be useful to output in the form

[start time][response time][time to first byte][response size][received bytes][transaction name][response code]

From what I can tell, Gatling doesn’t track all of those fields (in particular, TTFB), so we’d probably output blanks for some.

The first usual, correct tech-support question is: “Why do you want this?” or “What are you trying to do?” Answer: We have some Splunk dashboards that already display performance results over time from JMeter tests. Splunk expects the format of the results that it’s trending to be in that format, which is what we use for JMeter. So it’d be nice to get the same format from Gatling and be able to start trending in Splunk using the same dashboards.