Circular feeder is not working


I used circular feeder in this manner

First I took users from config file and I created a variable and in the feeder i am giving .feeder(users.circular).Then it is throwing following error

Error log:

value circular is not a member of Iterator[Map[String,String]]

 [ERROR] i.g.a.ZincCompiler$ -     .feed(users.circular)


private val users: Iterator[Map[String, String]] = User.getUsers(allUsersCount)

val scn = scenario(“View Post”)

Note:I Included all the dependent files but still its not working

circular works on IndexedSeq[Map[String, _]]

How would something like circular or random work on an Iterator which is a one way stream of data that doesn’t remember the previous values?

Thanks Stéphane,Can you please give one code sample for circular feeder with IndexedSeq[Map[String, _]].So that I can analyse more…