Hi ,

I am using Gatling for my project.

i have doubt ,the one which i highlighted with yellow colour in the below is keeps on changing each and every time login.

suggest me how to handle this request.

.queryParam(""“samlRequest”"", “”“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”"")

.queryParam(""“authBadge”"", “”“2607f77f-492d-4278-bb6a-04a80cb50d72"”")

Hi Team,

i am waiting for your reply…since it is very urgent for me


kindly provide update my query

With Gatling, you do correlation with “checks”. Please read the documentation.

Hi ,

I know we will do correlation for Dynamic values in Gatling ,but i am bit confusing the concept in Gatling.

in my request…how i need to change ,could you please explain it.

Do you know which response gets you "authBadge"? In that request use check and save as (look at Stepahane’s link). In subsequent requests use the saved values.