Command Line Duration

I tried looking through the forums, but did not see my question answered.

I am using the gatling maven version 2.2.0-M2 and 2.2.0-M3 for all other gatling modules.

This is the command line I am trying to run:
mvn -Pperformance-test clean verify -Dgatling.simulationClass=‘MySimulation’ -Dusers=15 -DrampDuration=60

This is part of the simulation definition:

val numUsers: Int = Configuration.getNumUsers(100)
val rampDuration = 2700.seconds //45 minutes
  fppScenario.inject(rampUsers(numUsers) over (rampDuration))

No matter what I try, I cannot seem to get the rampDuration to affect the already defined rampDuration. Am I missing something?



You need to extract the system property in the code, using System.getProperty(“rampDuration”). Then, you will be able to override your current val.