Create CSV using after Hook

Hello Guys…

so the problem is with the simulation log file, its quite not directly usable for other systems and is subject to change without notice, so is it possible to create a CSV file at the end of simulation using a after hook ?
when exactly is the after hook executed ? are the result files compiled before the execution of After hook ? if so

i can see a stats.json but its like a global view or grouped view of the requests is there any other stat file for detailed requests as simulation.log that can be used to create CSVs??

i just need to extract

timeStamp (requestStart),
grpThreads (number of requests run simultaneously)


Is it possible to use the existing implemented Gatlings DataWriter to create CSV with required session variables?

Any help or way around would be helpful.

Going through the forum i can see custom DataWriters are not possible as FrontLine offer these functionalities,

is there any other way using default package?