Creating Custom Checks

I am new to Gatling. I need to validate responses against schema. Could you please suggest how to create custom checks in Gatling 3?

This specific missing functionality is what’s keeping Gatling from being my all-purpose API testing tool.
@Stéphane, if you read this, please give it a thought.

@Elena, I’ve tried to do my custom checks, but it’s too much Scala for me, so I’m trying something a bit different.

I began yesterday to work on something that, even if it ain’t the prettiest solution, can get the job done.
There are a few libs for the JVM that can evaluate json-schemas, but most of them are wrappers of, that’s outdated, quite slow, and only works with json-schema draftv4, when most modern libs for other languages are using v7. According to something I’ve read last year, this lib itself wraps a C lib that’s even older and unmaintained.

Yesterday after some quick search I’ve found this other which works with draftv7.

So far I’ve implemented something like this

// JSON-Schema validator
val inputStream: InputStream = getClass.getResourceAsStream("/data/tasks/tasks-schema.json")
val rawSchema: JSONObject = new JSONObject(new JSONTokener(inputStream))
val loader: SchemaLoader = SchemaLoader.builder.schemaJson(rawSchema).build()

val schema: Schema =