Custom DSL in 3.2

I used to have code (dating back to the 2.x days) that added some custom DSL through the pimp-my-library pattern using implicit conversions. It let me do things like “.set( VAR ).to( value )” as a nice way of manipulating the session.

The first part of the class looked like this:

object SessionManagement {

implicit class SessionManagementExtensions[T <: StructureBuilder[T]]( val c : T ) {

Now that I’m trying to port my code to the latest Gatling version (3.2.0), I’m getting a compile error: “Symbol StructureBuilder is inaccessible from this place”. Looking at the source, that’s because it is declared private.

Is it still possible to add my own custom DSL, like I was doing? Or has that ability been taken away in the latest version?

If it is still possible, can you tell me what the new declaration needs to be? Or at least give me a hint where in the source to look to figure it out? :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance for the info!

– John

Fair enough.
Let’s make StructureBuilder public again.

That’ll work! :slight_smile: Thanks.