Custom Metric Writer Implementation


I was looking for additional metric writer implementations for gatling. Currently, I am only aware of the graphite implementation however we are currently using datadog as our hosting solution for metrics. If there are any examples of other metrics writers could they please be shared.

Furthermore, does anyone know of a guide/documentation on how to implement your own metrics writer for gatling?


DataWriters are neither a public API nor customizable (closed list).

May I ask why this is the case and if it may be opened up in the future?

Because additional reporting features and integrations is something we provide in FrontLine.

In all honesty, this is pretty frustrating. People are moving away from graphite to dimensional dbs (prometheus/influx etc) and I believe it would be a great feature to support those datasources in the open source version of gatling. I understand you guys need to restrict certain functionality to put in your enterprise version of gatling however I find this decision a bit strange.


Maybe it’s to help limit competition in OSS version from the community extending the functionality should the interface be exposed?

It’s possible to use influxDb in opensource version of gatling -