custom protocol support for Gatling 2.x


I want to implement custom protocol using Gatling 2.0.0-m3 build version and find protocol support for 1.x version. Is there any documentation exists for protocol support for Gatling 2.x?


Not yet. We’re currently writing the documentation for M4. We’d like to release in 2 week.
Concepts are still the same, so you should be able to adapt from Gatling 1.

Which protocol are you trying to implement?

Hi Stephane,

I need to load test a library which helps in communicating between different services. I already implemented the custom protocol in 1.x version, but right now the library was using scala 2.10.3 and need to move to Gatling 2.x.

I do not find the DataWriter.logRequest() method in gatling 2.x, How do we log response times into simulation.log?

ActionBuilder was changed, In gatling 1.x the signature of build method is :
private[gatling] def build(registry: ProtocolConfigurationRegistry): ActorRef,
in gatling 2.x it is changed to :
private[gatling] def build(next: ActorRef, protocols: Protocols): ActorRef

I am eagerly waiting for protocol support instructions in Gatling 2.x.

I advice you go with master/snapshot. Otherwise, you’ll have to migrate again soon, once 2M4 is out.