Data input

I am unable to submit this value under formparam, please suggest if you have any alternative method which i can use alog with example.

.formParam(“abc.userPositions”, “”"[{"“pId”:“1234567”,“pUuid”:“098765432121”,“positionName”:“test+test”,“orgCode”:“X0121”,“organizationId”:“52019”,“startDate”:"${dateString}",“endDate”:"${dateString}",“state”:“New”,“source”:“CareID”,“managedInId”:1}]""")

thanks in advance.


What’s your problem exactly? Do you have an error?

  • not knowing how to inject dateString?
  • server not recognizing the message? Have you checked that you set the proper Content-Type header? Can you provide the generated payload (captured with something likes Charles proxy) and one from a working request?

I do see an issue with your payload: it’s not valid JSON as you have an extra double quote:


should be [{“pId”