debugging post request parameters

I have a scenario which saves some variables to the session object.
i’m able to echo the session using :

.exec((session: Session) => {

i searched the group and saw an earlier post suggesting to change to DEBUG mode in logback.xml or add hooks to the request/response for debugging purposes,
I’ve tried changing to debug but couldn’t find the post parameters for the request.
there doesn’t seem to be any documentation on the hooks as well… is this feature implemented?

is this feature implemented?
is there another way to echo the request? (with parameters)

Thanks in advance,

Hi Erik,

AHC doesn’t print the params, sorry.
I’ve opened an issue for this:

Will fix it tomorrow and release 1.3.3 by the end of the week.



2012/10/9 erik ashepa <>

Thank you very much! :slight_smile:

Well, don’t thank me too fast…
I’ve opened a pull request for AHC, but I don’t know neither when it will be accepted, nor when a new AHC version will be released.

There’s still the solution of adding a debug log directly in Gatling, but it will be logged twice: once in Gatling and once in AHC…

2012/10/10 erik ashepa <>


I’d like to wait for a while for the pull request to be accepted.
Is this really a blocker for you?



2012/10/10 Stéphane Landelle <>

It isn’t a blocker… i println the relevant variables from the session and got along…
I’m still learning scala and gatling… i have .net background… :slight_smile:

Well, I understand the frustration. Just that I’d rather have it properly fixed in the relevant library instead of adding an ugly hack in Gatling. Time will tell…

Feel free to ask if you think you need help.



2012/10/11 erik ashepa <>