Define blocks for data file (feeder.csv) at user level


This might be a repetitive question but i am new to gatling. I am facing a scenario wherein i need to hit 50 different url (get calls) as fast as possible, Lets say with 5 user load

Is there a way in which i can split these 50 urls into 5 groups (10 urls/user) ?


Each user will pop some data (which I think in your case is from a file). So arrange your data into a file - which will contain 5 groups of 10 URLs. Or create 5 requests in a simulation and use 10 different data files (data files are popped in sequence), so have a feeder before each request (so you divide your user base by 5 in the injection profile).


Thanks Aidy! As mentioned by you, i have created 5 different scenarios and 5 different objects. Each object using 10 unique url’s each. But this doesn’t seem to an effective way of coding as so much of repeated code is being written along with multiple data files too.

Is there a way wherein single csv can be shared by all the users and then we assign the data lines to be used by each user?

Just trying to find more effective way of scripting.

Many Thanks


Try five requests and not five scenarios, so


or have five columns in an actual CSV and use one column header for each request.

Maybe even loop requests or put them in a function.