doIfEqualsOrElse not working

Hi All,

I am using the doIfEqualsOrElse condition for one of my script and its not working.I tried to see many help details but still not able to fix my issue.

First of all i am slightly confused as per the Gatling ref its mentioned as like - ```
doIfEqualsOrElse("#{actual}", “expectedValue”) but most of the forum mentioned doIfEqualsOrElse("${actual}", “expectedValue”).difference of “#” and “$”.

when i tried to use the condition wit “#” its checking the condition but always going into Else case of the condition and not sure why.Please find code sample.any help is appreciated.


doIfEqualsOrElse("""#{session(“namepagestatus”).as[String]}""",200) {
exec(session => {
println(“in condi”)

     } {
       exec(session => {
         //println("Enter Name page is failed : " + session("namepagestatus").as[String])
         println("else case part")


difference of “#” and “$”.

  • Gatling Expression Language with ${} was conflicting with Kotlin and Scala String interpolations. As a result, it’s now deprecated and we recommend you now use #{} instead.

doIfEqualsOrElse("""#{session(“namepagestatus”).as[String]}""",200) {

Everything is wrong here:

  • you’re mixing Gatling Expression Language and Session API. It doesn’t make any sense.
  • you’re trying to compare a String and an Int so the result can only be false. Compare values of the same type.

Just do:


Thanks for reply.
I tried with doIfEqualsOrElse("""#{namepagestatus}""",200) but noticed when i print the value of “${namepagestatus}” its not giving anything,but when i print with session(“namepagestatus”).as[String] ,its giving me i tried to put session(“namepagestatus”).as[String]
please help

I have the feeling you’re pocking around based on some partial knowledge from unofficial and possibly obsolete sources.
If so, I recommend you check the documentation for:

Gatling EL only works when passed to Gatling DSL methods, not in arbitrary code.

Thanks for the update.Let me go through it