doSwitchOrElse with Exception

Hi there,

As part of performance script, the idea is to have a doSwitchOrElse() with each possible page under test as parameter, throwing an exception otherwise.

For example, something like this:

var page = "google"
    val load = doSwitchOrElse(page) ( "yahoo" -> exec(),
                         "google" -> exec()
                         ) (
                      throw new Exception("Hello World!")

The point is Exception seems to be thrown always, even if parameter is matching one of possible ones in doSwitchOrElse(). For code above, the console output is the next one:

Caused by: java.lang.Exception: Hello World!
at com.example.TestHandler$.(TestHandler.scala:83)
at com.example.TestHandler$.(TestHandler.scala)
… 26 more

Possible bug or not well controlled behavior? If so, please could you include in next releases?