ElFileBody in bytesMessage for the JMS protocol

Hi all,

I’m trying to use the ElFileBody method in conjunction with the bytesMessage method for JMS in Gatling 3.0.2

See the script underneath.

It works fine with the textMessage method but with bytesMessage it doesn’t seem to work.

val scn = scenario(“JMS DSL test”)
exec (jms(“FFMQ”)


Is the ElFileBody supported in the bytesMessage context for JMS ?


Henk Lengkeek


No, it’s currently no possible.
Out of the box, ElFileBody (as it’s a text template) produces text, not bytes, hence can only be used for textMessage.


If I use, textMessage and ElFileBody, i am able to feed specific values into my xml from csv but if I do the same using bytesMessage and RawFileBody, it is taking the xml as is and not feeding the csv values. Am I missing something??

This works but it returns a textMessage

feed(csv(“data/id_data.csv”).circular).exec(jms(“req reply testing”).send.destination(requestTopic).textMessage(ElFileBody(“bodies/request.ssp”))

but I want bytesMessage and this gives me the xml as is and does not replace values inside it from csv.

feed(csv(“data/mydata.csv”).circular).exec(jms(“req reply testing”).send.destination(requestTopic).bytesMessage(RawFileBody(“bodies/request.ssp”))


Hi All,

Can some one post solution for this ? i am trying to publish bytesMessage dynamicall but RawFileBody is not replacing the values. ElFileBody is not supporting for bytesMessage. Is there any solution for this ?