Empty feeder calls "sys.exit" and stops whole program?

I’ve found following code:

trait Feeds[B] extends Execs[B] {
def feed(feeder: Feeder): B = {
val feedFunction = (session: Session) => {
if (!feeder.hasNext) {
error(“Feeder is now empty, stopping engine”)

newInstance(BypassSimpleActionBuilder(feedFunction) :: actionBuilders)

If I understand that right, than an empty feeder stops the whole program from running.
Therefore all scenarios stops and gets no chance to clean up things!

IMHO it’s worth an exception for existing the scenarios where it is happen, but please,
do never call sys.exit somewhere in the code (same thing is true for Java).

Regards Danny

You’re right. I’ve opened an issue:

Thanks for reporting,


Next time I will add it by myself to the issue list :slight_smile:
Sorry for posting it to the group.

Regards Danny