Error fetching data for text-field from csv file.

When I try to fetch text from csv file to be entered in a text field, I get following error & the request is getting failed.
Contents of csv file:

You should probably using a Body instead of a form param.


Thanx. It worked for me.
But now I am not able to understand which parameters are being fetched.

Like previously it used to show :

{“name”:“test_amar1”}: []

Because you were not really posting a regular form in the first place, you were actually posting a JSON payload.
Request bodies can be huge and binaries instead of test, so we don’t log them.


.body(StringBody("""{“name”:"${name}",“type”:"${movie}"}""", “”""""))

While passing two parameters from csv file, it is giving me following error:

too many arguments

Why did you add a second parameter to StringBody???

.body(StringBody("""{“name”:"${name}",“type”:"${movie}"}""", “”""""))

Ohh sorry…
Actually original simulation had :
.param("""{“name”:“amar_testplaylist1”,“type”:“movie”}""", “”""""))

So I didn’t notice while replacing it with code you suggested.

Thanks. :slight_smile:

It is still giving me attribute not defined error:



14:31:39.430 [ERROR] i.g.h.a.HttpRequestAction - No attribute named ‘name’ is defined

playlist.csv (813 Bytes)

Your file is not a CSV one. CSV means comma separated values.
Your file uses 2 tabs which is just WTF.

Either use 1 single comma and csv(), or use 1 single tab and tsv().

Thanks a ton.

Finally got the way to write csv file. Got my misconceptions corrected.