error in passing multiple columns in csv file using csv feeder.

This is my first post to this group. I recently started working on Gatling and scala . Hope I can understand the problem in my code here. Does the scope of the first row of data read from feeder, stays until the end of the scenario? Please see my code below.

I am trying to pass values to two different http calls from a csv feeder. In the first request I am able to pass the first column from the csv file.
but in http(“loginPost”), when I try to post the second column from csv file, it does not pass anything.

csv file is like this:


val scn = scenario(“RecordedSimulation”)

//Passing userName from the csv file here****************************** This is working

session =>
println("account id for " )

//Passing deviceid from the csv file here****************************** This is not working. If I pass the string directly here, it works


The data should stay across the session AFAIK across multiple actions.
Just a guess, but you are missing doublequotes in your deviceid call.
You can try printing the deviceId too in the printlns that you have to debug further