Error Running the jar, WARNING: No NameResolverProviders found via ServiceLoader, including for DNS. This is probably due to a broken build

Hey folks, new to gatling and grpc so am basically following instructions from here

i added a new proto and a new simulation and running fine

problem i am facing is with running it using

  1. Download Gatling and unzip.
  2. run sbt it:assembly
  3. Copy the fat JAR to your Gatling bundle lib directory.
    cp target/scala-2.13/grpc-test-bundle.jar ~/Downloads/gatling-charts-highcharts-bundle-3.5.0/lib/
  4. Run our simulation:
    bin/ -s computerdatabase.BasicItSimulation
    attaching the error screenshot

    and this is the line of code that is giving me the error

val HOST: String = “”
val PORT = 9281

val grpcPsgConf = grpc(managedChannelBuilder(name = HOST, port = PORT).nameResolverFactory(new DnsNameResolverProvider()).usePlaintext())

gatling bundle version : 3.4.1
sbt version: 1.4.3
sbt-assembly version : 0.15.0

Looking for some guidance here. Thanks

Sorry but that’s none of the deployment options supported here.
If you’re using sbt, please stick to running it with the Gatling official sbt plugin.

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