Exclude a URL with a specific pattern


I have a Ajax call as part of the resources on a page which has a ‘&langid=-24’ in it. Gatling is changing it to ‘{id=-24’. So basically, ‘&lang’ is getting changed to ‘{’.

I am not sure why this is happening with Gatling and due to this we are seeing HTTP 500 errors for this request which eventually is failing the page request group.

Can you suggest me on this? As a work around I am trying to exclude this URL for now and filers that I tried does not work :frowning:

URL is ConfigHandover?catalogId=10051&langId=-24&storeId=10151
This gets changed to ConfigHandover?catalogId=10051⟨Id=-24&storeId=10151
I tried the filter in blacklist to exclude this URL by adding “”\Handover"", but that didn’t work.


You hit https://github.com/oblac/jodd/issues/245.
Upgrade your jodd dependencies to 3.6.7.

Brilliant. I updated them to the latest package 3.7.0 and it works like gem! Thanks a lot Stéphane.