Execute a certain API if response field contains a null value

Hi, currently I’m in a situation where I want to execute a certain API based on output

    "session": {
        "id": "Id"
    "at": null,
    "rt": {
        "refreshToken": "Token"
    "error": null

Usually at at field it would return a token, but sometimes it does return a null too. Currently I am using this check to get the value as:


I am looking for a way to see if the check fails (etc field return null or any other reasons) then I will execute a certain API based on that, currently I was looking at doIf but it seems that check does not return a boolean, is there a way I can achieve this ?

Hi @trinp,

Did you tried:

Does that help?


Hi @sbrevet , it works like a charm ! Thanks a lot :heart_eyes:

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