Executing diff chainbuilders based on diff properties of objects of a class


I have a case where I have n number of chainbuilders ,lets say n1, n2 etc . I want to execute them based on object property and result of primary chainbuilder

e.g. lets say , each chainbuilder refers to an action executed. My primary action is a1
I have a class Toy [name : String, propMap]
case class propMap(shopName: String, colorNPrice: List[Map[String, Integer]])

I want that my simulation should first check if a1 has a certain response code and if that’s true , then foreach object instance of Toy , it should execute either of (n1,n2…) based on price point (present in colorNPrice list).

I am able to execute a1 and check the condition for that.
I am struggling to find proper dsl for executing actions with foreach applied on class object particularly as one quoted.

Please help in case you know anything here.


Sorry, but it’s hard to understand what you’re trying to do, it’s too vague.

It looks to me that the kind of help you’re looking for can be achieved with direct assistance and video calls. At Gatling the company, we can provide this kind of help with consulting, not on this community forum.


doIf() maybe what you are looking for

Hi. Thanks for suggestions for this. Got resolved with change in ds