exitHereIfFailed how does it behave?


I am going to experiment tomorrow, but I was hoping someone could answer my question before that. I find that in some cases, I need to use tryMax along with exitHereIfFailed. My question is, does exitHereIfFailed only work on the previous block or on everything that came beforehand?

I would really like if exitHereIfFailed only stops the user scenario if the last block had an error, but not beforehand. Ie.

exec(firstThing) .exec(someErrorHere) .exec(thirdThing) .tryMax(2) { exec(blockThing) }.exitHereifFailed

I really hope that as long as blockThing is successful it does not exit the scenario, despite the 2nd .exec call having an error.

If not, is there a call I can do before the tryMax like
exec(session => session.markAsSuccess)??

Also, thanks again for Gatling. I was able to successfully complete our first production stress test. I love that Gatling kept up very well despite the very stateful nature of the scenarios. We found places we need to improve on asap. Do please let us know when you release the commercial version. Depending on the extra features, we may be very interested.

Hi Lois,

Thanks for your kind words.

Yes, exitHereIfFailed honors the overall status so far, not the one from the last block.
And you’re right, you would have to reset the status before your critical bock.
If you have any suggestion regarding this API, ideas are welcome. Then, please open a feature request.

I’d gladly chat with you about our product. If you’re interested, please get in touch at contact@gatling.io.