Extracting map from session and using inside headers()

Hello Folks,

I have a case where a session variable (a Map) need to be used for http().headers(Map).

Currently I get below compile error when trying to do so:

20:30:45.333 [ERROR] i.g.c.ZincCompiler$ - …/user-files/simulations/myserver2/DownloadFromServer.scala:138: Cannot prove that Char <:< (String, String).

20:30:45.333 [ERROR] i.g.c.ZincCompiler$ - .headers("${headersMap}".toMap[String, String])

Here is a snippet of code:

scenario(“Setup Call”)



http(“Setup Call”)


.header(“someSimpleHeader”, session => custom_header2(session))

.headers("${headersMap}".toMap[String, String]) <<<<<<------------------------- Error’d out line



If session Map is not possible, what are our options? Iterating over Map followed by adding “.header()” inside http() call?


Hi ashisa:
Do you resolve this issue? I suffer from it too.

Hoping your help.

Hi Ashash:
Have you resolve it? I suffer from it too.


my code as follow:

object AuthenticationExec {

  val login =
      .exec{ session=>
        val rq = new LoginRq()
        val body = rq.getBody(session("loginType").as[String], session("user").as[String], session("password").as[String])
        val url = rq.getUrl()
        val headers = rq.getHeader().asScala.toMap

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