Facing issue in capturing detailed logs in gatling 3.8.4

Hi Everyone,

We have recently migrated our project from gatling 2.2.5 to gatling 3.8.4. In older version, we were capturing detailed logs for our internal processing through extraInfoExtractor(extraInfo => print_error_processor(extraInfo)) but this functionality has been excluded from gatling 3.8.4 so we need to capture extra logs information like before. Please suggest me alternative way to capture logs details in gatling 3.8.4.


This weird feature was dropped in Gatling 3. The simulation.log is an internal, not something meant for the end user to parse.

Please explain your actual use case.


We were using extraInfoExtractor(extraInfo => print_error_processor(extraInfo)) function to extract extra information like Request Name, Request URL, Gatling error, Error Count, http method and header in Simulation.log file which was then used by our Python script to read those values and publish them on Grafana graphs as an Error Table. But now we are only able to capture limited information as follows

New Simulation.log
RUN APPName alertsaccountsapi 1702310300469 2.0
USER APPName 1 START 1702310302037 1702310302037
REQUEST APPName 1 Get_account 1702310302125 1702310303639 OK
USER APPName 2 START 1702310310045 1702310310045
REQUEST APPName 2 Get_account 1702310310047 1702310311353 OK
USER APPName 3 START 1702310318046 1702310318046

Old Simulation.log
RUN APPName APPName 1702309666103 2.0
USER APPName 1 START 1702309667791 1702309667791
REQUEST APPName 1 Get_account 1702309667870 1702309669760 OK Request: https://mesh.xyz.com/appaccounts?filter[sharability_status]=Subscribable GET headers: X-DJ-Log:INFO accept:application/json X-DJ-Entitlements:{} X-DJ-Transaction-ID:PF_Acc_2Jgumq X-DJ-Client-IP-Address: X-DJ-User-ID:user1 X-DJ-Actor-Sequence-No:1 Content-Type:application/json X-DJ-Client-ID:1 X-DJ-Namespace:16 X-DJ-Debug:INFO X-DJ-Account-ID:1 X-DJ-Product-Host-Domain:api.xyz.com, HTTP Code: 200,



Sorry but this is exactly the kind of advanced features that are covered in Gatling Enterprise. We’re not providing them in the free version.


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