failed requests


when I run a scenario by injecting 300 virtual user at the same time. the result shows that the 300 requests are unsuccessful indicating that for

I noticed that in the database there is the insertion of the lines resulting from the requests launched by Gatling. I do not know why even all the requests are failed it does the execution.
I need Help please


5XX family codes (500 & 504) corresponds to an server error.

500 => the error should be logged server side
504 => request too long, the server did not answer in legal time

So, your issue is not Gatling related (but Gatling shows you the existence of this error before reaching production error, a big win, isn’t it? ^^ )

thank you for your reply Sébastien
yes I know that the 5XX error corresponds to a server error. But my question is why despite the requests are failed I found the addition of the post method from the scenario in the database

Even if those are answered by error, the requests were sent and the server may have seen them.

You should dig in the server side code to know what really happened.