Failing Gatling with Assertion

I am trying to fail our build with assertions failures.

I have successfully failed assertion and What i get is:

Global : max response time is less than 50 : false
Global percentage of requests OK is greater than 95 : true
Simulation failed.
Generating reports…

[success] Total time: 293 s, completed 22 Jul, 2013 6:20:44 PM

But the end result is success and the process exists with status 0. Is there a way to fail the whole build.

Kindly pardon if I am missing something very simple.


Which version do you use?



What’s your build system? Maven? or something else?

No, its sbt.

Ah ah, Pierre was right.
So the basic answer is: we have an official maven plugin that plays well with assertions, but our official SBT one is only a WIP.
I don’t know exactly how you launched Gatling from SBT, but there’s a very good chance that this way doesn’t support assertions.

@Andy One more thing in your todo list :slight_smile: