feature request : repeat inside of duration problem

Hi Guys,

here is a couple of lines to start with :

during(durationSec) {
repeat((session: Session) => session.getTypedAttributeSeq[String].size, “counter”) {
.exec(chain3) // load test cases

we faced the following issue with duration - until repeat is not finished during is not checked and simulation scenario won’t finish.

What is nice to have - each time when execution reaches repeat is checks if during condition is valid and then goes for another repeat cycle. So execution time will be not “during + repeatNumberexecutionInsideRepeat" but "
during + 1
executionInsideRepeat” We run our simulation via Jenkins , what i guess many people do or will do, and one of the key parameters for the job is duration. Load tests have this parameter usually. And it is really import to have scenario execution time close to the expected. Scenarios run via a number of different environments qa, preprod, dev, alpha etc . Each of the environments has its connectivity , test data etc. With the current during implementation the real burden of during is in our source code inside of repeat method. It is made the way to be relatively short and to achieve that we need move a lot of logic in the outer scope.

What do you thinks about this feature ?


Yep, could do.

Could you open an issue, please?