Feed multiple records at once

on existing scripts we use the following functionality: ` . feed(feeder, 2) ’
it appears in the code with version gatling 3.7.6 the following message :
"method feed in trait Feeds is deprecated (since 3.7.0): Feeding multiple records at once and translating names will be dropped in the next release "

I couldn’t find anything on the online documentation as an alternative solution.

For information, the doc aligned with the latest version ( 3.8.2 ) still document this approch

Any alternative solution ?

Thanks in advance

Have you checked the 3.8 release note? We finally decided to not drop the feature but to change the behavior to be more consistent with modern Gatling Expression Language.

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Thanks Stephane
Sorry did not check on release note


  • #4226: The feed override that takes a number of entries now produces arrays instead of translating the keys with an index suffix.