Gatling 1.5 - Connection remotely closed

We’re running som heavy load tests against a jboss/linux environment, and are seeing a lot of Remotely Closed [id: 0xa6ac3432, / :>]
at com.ning.http.client.providers.netty.NettyAsyncHttpProvider.channelClosed( [async-http-client-1.7.16.jar:na]
at [netty-3.6.6.Final.jar:na]
at [netty-3.6.6.Final.jar:na]
at$DefaultChannelHandlerContext.sendUpstream( [netty-3.6.6.Final.jar

We don’t see any errors in the jboss server logs. What could be going on?

What’s the full stacktrace? Is it logged as an error or as a warning?

This looks like the server having to handle lots of keep-alive connections and deciding to close some of them, which is a normal behavior for a blocking IO based server such as JBoss.

It was a warning. It turns out to many connections get opened, and jboss can’t handle the situation.

Since this is a web-service backend, we decided to share connections just like our esb will do. That solved the issue.

Thanks for uyour feedback anyways!


We’ll document HTTP settings properly in Gatling 2…
Glad it works!