[Gatling 2.0.0-M3] BufferUnderflowException raised when trying to check HTTP response with xpath


I have an issue while trying to check xpath of an HTTP response. A BufferUnderflowException is raised and it is said that the XPathCheckBuilder could not parse response into a DOM document. However, When I look at the HTTP response, I see a valid XML document in the body. Any idea what I am doing wrong ? Is there a new method to check xpath (need of a response body treatement for intance) ?

Here are my check, the HTTP response and the error stack.

My check :


HTTP response :

Bug! Investigating right now.

Damn, Kryo looked like a reliable source…


Fixed: https://github.com/excilys/gatling/issues/1281

Sorry for this… Will you be able to cherry-pick and build yourself? Otherwise, you’ll have a snapshot on Cloudbees in ~30 minutes.

Thanks for reporting,


Thanks !!!

I will wait for the snapshot.

We’ll release a M3a tomorrow.

Hi guys,

i still using the fist version.

is there fix for this in 1.5.something ?


Вівторок, 9 липня 2013 р. 14:11:48 UTC+3 користувач vincen...@lateral-thoughts.com написав:


Will try to release 1.5.3 later this week.