Gatling 2.0.00-RC2 no SimpleAction Builder? io.gatling.core.action.builder._


I’m working on migrating to Gatling 2 and I’ve come to bridge that I can’t cross. In my Gatling 1.5.2, I was able using gatling.core.action.builder.SimpleActionBuilder. However, it seems that is has been removed. Is their a replacement builder that I can use instead? All the other builders seem to only be usable in certain usages

Hi Nic,

Can you provide a code snippet (in a Gist for example) ? Hard to say how to migrate your code to Gatling 2 without context :wink:



val emptyChain = new ChainBuilder(Nil)

val init = emptyChain.exec(SimpleActionBuilder(handler.init))

That’s SessionHookBuilder: