Gatling 2.2.1 is out!

Dear Gatling friends,

We’ve just release Gatling 2.2.1.

It brings lots of fixes and also a new feature: conditional checks, that was contributed by Maxime Bossard.
Here’s the full release note:

Thanks a lots to all the awesome people who contributed to this release:

  • Gabriel Plassard

  • adnanb59

  • Andreas Hofstadler

  • michaelmcmillan

  • albers

  • mgurov

  • taujenis

  • mxbossard

We love contributions, people! Keep them coming!


you guys rock! started using 2.2.1 from yesterday :slight_smile:


I need help with gatling!!!
can u help me??
I am trying to test CouchDB
Thank u for this awsome group