Gatling 3.11 is Available!

Gatling 3.11 is now available!

This release includes changes to the following:

  • the bundle is now Maven-based (see below)
  • the Maven plugin has a default interactive mode
  • the Gradle plugin has a default interactive mode

The New Gatling Bundle
The Gatling standalone bundle was created to help non-developers start using Gatling with minimal installation and configuration effort. However, over time, we realized that the bundle didn’t offer much of the optimal functionality available with professional build tools. To improve the bundle, we decided to develop a Maven-based version.

The new bundle is still a completely stand-alone version of Gatling that doesn’t require an internet connection to run, however, there are significant changes to the file structure and commands. All of the details are available in the Gatling Documentation, but to get you started:

  • All commands are prefixed with ./mvnw (MacOS/Linux) or mvnw.cmd (Windows)
  • To run a simulation, ./mvnw gatling:test (MacOS/Linux) or mvnw.cmd gatling:test (Windows)
  • To launch the Recorder, ./mvnw gatling:recorder (MacOS/Linux) or mvnw.cmd gatling:recorder (Windows)

You can read more about 3.11 on the Gatling Blog or in the Documentation release notes. You can download the new Gatling bundle from the Documentation installation page.

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