Gatling 3.8.4 is throwing error "title":"Malformed Request Headers","status":"400","detail":"invalid mediatype format"

Hi Everyone,

I have recently migrated My Api’s from gatling 2.2.5 to gatling 3.8.4, I have resolved all the dependency issues and Api’s are working fine however I have found in few UI backend Api’s some post endpoints that were fine in old version are now throwing error with http response code - 400 even though all inputs like headers, bodies, request URL etc all same. I have also tried to run same request manually through postman and it’s working with same inputs.

error I am getting in gatling 3.8.4
HTTP response:
400 Bad Request
{“errors”:[{“title”:“Malformed Request Headers”,“status”:“400”,“detail”:“invalid mediatype format”,“code”:“575005”}]}

Kindly suggest me way to resolve this issue in gatling 3.8.4



It’s impossible to help you with so few information.

I recommend activating the TRACE logs and comparing the 2 requests with 2.2.5 (released 6.5 years ago) and the latest Gatling version (3.8.4 is deprecated, the latest version is 3.10.3).


Thanks , I will try that

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