Gatling and

Hello all !
I found this , and couln’t find their jar file to put in gatling/lib dir .
Any idea where can I find it ?
If they really allow people download it , or I have to write the code and import their jar and upload it to their server ?
Thanks in advance .

Hi Artyom, is not a library, but a cloud-based service.
So you’ll need to write your simulation and import it to their servers in order to run it.
And of course, pay some fees in the process :slight_smile:


Pierre is closed source and there service is not related to Gatling, so sorry, we can’t really help you out.
You see with them directly.


Thanks all !

I’m looking for a way to pass a string from simulation object to scenario .
Is there a way to do so within
setUp(Object.scn.users(5).ramp(20).protocolConfig(httpConf)) ?
Thanks in advance .

Where’s the string coming from in the simulation that it can’t be retrieved/declared directly in the scenario?