Gatling archetype - upload wrong format on .pdf file.


I’m using to use gatling archetype for IntellJ:

I recrorded a upload a .PDF file, then run generated scenario to upload again. it uploaded successfully but cannot open .pdf file (its content is empty and file size is different to original file).

Any idea for this?


Was the recorded file originally valid?

My original file is valid. its original size is 17kb, run scenario → 19kb and empty content. if i record by Gatling (Recorder.bat, Gatling.bat), it works OK.

Thanks Stéphane,
I think i found out the issue, I used IntelliJ and modified resource file in request-bodies. Click Save, IntelliJ changed encoding file so uploading failed. I tried to modified by NotePad ++ and it works now.

Is this over HTTP or over HTTPS (the code is different)?
Could you share the part of your simulation that performs the upload, please?