gatling + aws sdk - classpath help

I am calling a java function in gatling test which uses aws’s secret manager.

I have included aws-sdk in dependencies. It’s found in compile and run time classpath but not in gatling run time and classpath. So it throws Class not found exception.

How to fix this? How can aws java sdk be added in gatling class path?

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Figured out myself

classpath = sourceSets.gatling.runtimeClasspath + sourceSets.test.runtimeClasspath

added tests class path with gatling.

Honestly, it was impossible to help you due to the lack of information you provided.
For example, you could have told you were using Gradle.

Sorry for not being clear.

One more query.

I am usinf GatlingRunTask ( gradle plugin ) to run simulations now. Again I am facing the above issue where it say class not found for aws sdk’s

I am using it like this ./gradlew gatlingRun-simulation.ContactCreate

Is there a way to give classpaths or set all dependency jars?

Update: Added dependences in gatlingRuntimeOnly

Please ignore this question