Gatling command line how to

I try to launch gatling using CLI.

I have put my simulation here :
So I user the option : -ro read-main-10-UV

I want my result here :
So I user the option : -rf read-main-10-UV

./ -ro read-main-10-UV -rf read-main-10-UV
GATLING_HOME already set to: /web/gatling

Hi Paul,

ro means “reports-only”. It’s used for bypassing the simulation and directly generate the reports from an existing simulation.log.
For example, you can use it if you’ve killed Gatling while it was still running, but you want to generate the reports from the partial results.

Basically, just remove the -ro option.



2012/2/19 Paul Langeard <>

Thanks Stephan,
It is possible to run a simulation with a command line ? I want to run
automatically the simulations.

It will be possible in the next 1.1.0 that will be released mid-march.

This functionality is actually already developed and pushed in the master, you’ll have to use the “-s” (simulations) options.
Just be aware that we’re changing quite a few things on the CLI in 1.1 and those changes are not documented yet. For example, we’ll drop the txt format support.


2012/2/19 Paul Langeard <>

works fine :

./ -s basic.CallEventDoneSimulation

Sometimes, things work as expected… :wink:
Thanks for the feedback.

2012/5/11 Paul Langeard <>