Gatling Gives Chronological JsonPath results?

When I try to save my json response I get all my information chronological.


also when I take a child I does the same


is there a way to stop this process?

WDYM by chronological? That we keep the original order and that you want to shuffle?

I need to integrated a gigantic JSON file (entirely). => .check(jsonPath("$").saveAs(“ALL”))
I save the response and then integrate it in a post request (to place and order).
Yet everytime it fails so I looked at the attributes =>

ALL → {“allowedProducts”:[400,5200,210,100,5910,200,9500,5100,5900,300,110],“bgCategory”:{“majorCode”:5,“majorCodeName”:“Alternatieve beleggingsfondsen”,“minorCode”:7,“minorCodeName”:“Mixfondsen 50- 50”,“name”:“Mixfondsen 50/ 50”,“riskProfile”:“D”},“bgCommercialName”…

And saw that the entire JSON response is chronological. Which is really strange, because I have used it before and it did not do this.
When I look in my browser I see how the Json should be =>


Do you have any ideas.


What you’re seeing is not your original JSON payload but a String representation of the Java parsed tree.

If you want your full payload, don’t use jsonPath but bodyString.

Then, if you want to re-serialize some branch into JSON, you’ll have to walk on the wild side as this is a new feature that we’ll release in 2.1 in December. See

You are seriously the MAN!!!

Thanks :slight_smile:

This feature is already available in 2.1 snapshots deployed on Sonatype.
Beware that Gatling 2.1 targets Scala 2.11 instead of 2.10, so if you use Gatling through IDE or maven plugin, you’ll have to migrate. Using the bundle should be pretty straightforward.