gatling-jdbc protocol | Query execution is happening sequentially


I am trying to use jdbc protocol( to for gatling test. I am injecting the scenario with 10 users using atOnce(10), but the query execution is happening sequentially for each user.

I want to test the parallel execution of data set by multiple users.

Any pointers will be really helpful.


This library is not an official Gatling component. It would be best if you could directly reach the author, maybe with the bug tracker there:


Thanks Stephane.

Will be great if you could point me to the code that allows parallel execution of session, that would make debugging easier. I am trying to debug where is the issue.
Till now I could figure out that multiple sessions are created in Injector, but somehow these are executing sequentially.

Will be really helpful if I get any pointers around where to debug.

The code I am referring above is Gatling code which triggers execution of virtual users.