Gatling Jenkins Pipeline - Users executes only 1 iteration of request during whole test duration

Gatling version:3.2.0

We are running a Gatling test using maven in Jenkins pipeline for the test duration of 5 minutes with 5 users with 1 request url and pause of 5 seconds with repeat of 1000 iterations

val scn = scenario(“Scenario Name”).repeat(1000) { exec(http(“request_1”).get("")).pause(5) }

The issue which we are facing is, each user fires single request and does not do anything. i.e Totally we could see only 5 requests were fired. Ideally it should execute as many times within the test duration of 5 minutes.

This happens only if we run this in the Jenkins pipeline with Jenkins agent container (with nodejs 10).

If the test is executed locally outside of Jenkins, the execution happens as expected.

What can be the issue. If anyone has faced this type of issue in Jenkins… please help.