Gatling Maven Plugin has Changed?

I’m getting errors trying to run the gatling maven plugin. Output attached.

out.txt (85.1 KB)

Stephane did some changes yesterday indeed:

Are all your snapshots up to date ?

Yup - I have the poms configured to always update the jars when running.


Hi Spencer,

Yes, I changed the way the CLI constants are defined.
Gatling and maven plugin codes are properly aligned, the thing is that we still haven’t managed to make deploy update the maven metadatas.
@pdalpra is supposed to work on this (use but he’s been very sick for one week.
If someone has experience with this (deploy on Sonatype w/ sbt-aether-deploy), please raise a hand.

In your case, the workaround is to force maven plugin and gatling updates. Probably remove from your local repo.

From what I see in the logs, the maven plugin is up to date (as expected, as deploy is not done by sbt), but not gatling jars.

I deleted the io/gatling directory out of my m2 repo.

That got everything running again.

I have no idea why gatling-maven-plugin was updated but nothing else was :confused:


Because the maven plugin is obviously published with maven/aether, so that the maven metadata get properly updated on the repo.
Gatling core modules are published with sbt, that doesn’t properly update the metadatas, so maven doesn’t detect the update.
We haven’t found a solution so far.