gatling.outputName property

I have an older job that was using the gatling.outputName setting:

  • outputDirectoryBaseName
    Force the name of the directory generated for the results of the run.
    User property: gatling.outputName

Has this option been renamed to something else in Gatling 3?


Its results folder in 3.2.1: “–results-folder ”


Hi Maruf,

Thanks for looking, but I already have that property set from before as well. It is for something slightly different.

  • resultsFolder (Default: ${project.basedir}/target/gatling)
    Use this folder as the folder where results are stored.
    User property: gatling.resultsFolder

For example, say resultsFolder is set to “myResults”. Then tests would be put under a folder of that name.

But under that folder “myResults” would be child folders (default naming convention is scenario name, hyphen, timestamp):

  • scenario-name-here-20190930101505118
  • scenario-name-here-20190930101505119
  • scenario-name-here-20190930101505120
  • scenario-name-here-20190930101505121

Each child folder is a test run. The gatling.outputName property used to change the naming format. For example, if outputName was set to “myTest”, then those folders would be named (old naming convention was configurable outputName, hyphen, unix timestamp):

  • myTest-1569454157692

  • myTest-1569454157693

  • myTest-1569454157694

  • myTest-1569454157695


Hi Richard,

outputDirectoryBaseName is available as gatling conf parameter and can be set as JAVA argument. I just tested:



Thank you, Maruf! I was able to use the gatling.core.outputDirectoryBaseName property. Appreciate your help!