Gatling plugin encoding issue

i’ve changed encoding in my gatling.conf to use ISO-8859-2 and it seems this change not work.Did i missed something ?

[INFO] — gatling-maven-plugin:1.2.3:execute (default-cli) @ Myproject —
[INFO] Collecting simulations…
[INFO] Exception in thread “main” java.lang.RuntimeException: Compilation failed:
[INFO] error: IO error while decoding Myproject\MyScenario.scala with UTF-8
[INFO] Please try specifying another one using the -encoding option
[INFO] one error found
[INFO] at$$anonfun$compile$1.apply(Gatling.scala:181)
[INFO] at$$anonfun$compile$1.apply(Gatling.scala:171)
[INFO] at com.excilys.ebi.gatling.core.util.IOHelper$.use(IOHelper.scala:24)
[INFO] at
[INFO] at
[INFO] at$.main(Gatling.scala:69)
[INFO] at
[INFO] ------------------------------------------------------------------------

Hi Ludovic,

I’ve opened an issue ( and uploaded a snapshot that I think would fix the problem:

I’m sorry, I can’t test it where I am.
Could you give it a try, please?



2012/6/26 Ludovic Mercier <>

Just have a try and compilation with encoding ISO-8859-2 was successfull


Great news! Thanks for reporting!

2012/6/26 Ludovic Mercier <>