Gatling plugin for Maven/Jenkins has problems with spaces in file path?

Hi all,
I have set up the Maven project for triggering Gatling tests (on Jenkins).
It worked ok until I introduced csv data. Now it works when I run it as Maven project from Eclipse. But when I run it as Jenkins job, it reports exception saying:

No clue, sorry. I personally rarely use Windows, so that’s typically the kind of bug I have problems anticipating.
Which Windows version do you use?

Windows 7

Same issue on Jenkins running Gatling on Centos 6.4. I had to change the name of the project from ‘yada yada’ to yada_yada.

@radugm Was the exception on Centos the same?

@zorglub76 Checking this right now. Which version of Gatling do you use?

Actually fixed:

Thanks for reporting!

I got the same mistake today using Windows 7 and Gatling 2.0.0-M3a. Then moved to the path without spaces and everything was ok.

I added a mention on the Jenkins plugin page, in configuration block: